Whether you lead a life of adventure or not, accidents can happen. Be prepared with life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance that provide financial protection to you and your family.

Life insurance

Life insurance pays a benefit to your designated beneficiaries after your death.

Coverage for you:

  • Pays 2 times your salary, up to $750,000
  • The amount of coverage is reduced by 50% at age 65

Coverage for your dependents:

  • $20,000 spouse
  • $10,000 child(ren)

AD&D insurance

AD&D pays you a benefit for certain injuries resulting from an accident or distributes this additional benefit to your beneficiaries if your death results from an accident.

Coverage for you:

  • Pays 1 times your salary, up to $300,000

Coverage for life and AD&D terminates at age 71 or when you retire, whichever comes first.

Supplemental life, AD&D, and critical illness insurance

For additional peace of mind and financial security, you can also purchase supplemental life, AD&D, and critical illness insurance for yourself and your family.

You pay 100% of the cost directly to Canada Life, and you can continue your coverage if you leave the company. Cost of coverage depends on age, gender, and smoker/nonsmoker status.

Contact Canada Life for details.