Health issues can pop up at the least convenient times. And sometimes you just can’t get to your doctor because you’re at work or travelling. With Consult+ virtual health, you and your family can receive the care you need, when you need it, no matter where you are. 

You’re eligible to use Consult+ virtual health if you enrol in the medical plan through Canada Life.

How it works

Consult+ virtual health gives you 24/7 access to health care professionals by phone or through secure video on your desktop or mobile device.

  • Receive medical advice for conditions such as allergies, cold and flu, minor skin infection, pink eye, sinusitis and sore throat
  • Get prescriptions or refills
  • Receive referrals for lab work, if needed
  • Find mental health and well-being specialists such as dieticians, psychologists, and work and life coaches
  • See account history such as care plans, chats, prescriptions and referrals

All sessions are confidential and private—only the doctors, nurses and health care professionals have access to your information.

Go mobile!

Download the free Consult+ virtual health app and access health care services on the go—anywhere, anytime.

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