From unfamiliar terms and abbreviations to complex tax rules, there’s a lot to know about managing your money and achieving your long-term objectives.

Visit the financial wellness page on The Current, and click the tiles to build your financial knowledge.

  • Learn about equity: Access educational webinars and recordings to learn more about Rivian’s equity programs—the employee stock purchase plan (ESPP), restricted stock units (RSUs) and stock options.
  • Meet with a financial advisor: Schedule a free 30-minute virtual meeting with a Morgan Stanley financial advisor, who can answer questions about topics such as:
    • Tax and financial strategies for your Rivian equity
    • Trust and estate planning
    • Achieving financial goals (e.g., saving for college, planning for retirement, paying down debt, purchasing a home)
  • Save for retirement: Read all the details of your Rivian 401(k) plan, and reach out to the experts at Empower if you have questions about saving and investing to reach your financial goals.