Whether you’re hoping to grow your family, just trying to keep up with the kids, or looking for ways to help your aging parents, Rivian has benefits to help.

Fertility and family-building benefits

There are many different family-building journeys, and Rivian wants to support yours. It doesn’t matter if you’re married, single, LGBTQIA2+, male, female—however you define yourself and your idea of family.

Kindbody provides family-planning services and coordinates the full spectrum of benefits available to you and your covered family members, whether you’re trying to start your family today or preserve your options for the future.

What’s included

  • Up to two full KindCycles, which include services such as IVF fresh, IVF frozen, frozen embryo transfer (FET), embryo freezing, egg freezing, intrauterine insemination (IUI), egg thaw, fertilization, egg transfer, refreeze and medication if using Kindbody’s preferred pharmacy; different services amount to different portions of your KindCycle limit
  • Reimbursement for eligible adoption, donor or surrogacy expenses up to $10,000
  • Network of partner clinics close to where you work and live
  • Dedicated care navigation team to guide you through your journey
  • End-to-end fertility services from standard gynecological care to conception, nutrition and mental wellness
  • Five virtual coaching sessions to support you from preconception to postpartum
  • Personalized patient portal for convenient around-the-clock access to care

Get started 

  1. Go to Kindbody.
  2. Create your Kindbody account using any email address.
  3. Confirm eligibility by entering your unique ID:
    • Rivian employee: Your ID is your Rivian email address, without "@rivian.com." Example: For email jdoe@Rivian.com, your unique ID would be: jdoe.
    • Spouse or partner: Add "01" to the employee's ID. Example: For employee email jdoe@Rivian.com, your unique ID would be: jdoe01.
  4. Enter the case-sensitive access code: KINDRIVIAN.

Learn more

Kindbody is here to help all interested Rivian employees and their spouses and domestic partners.

For details on how Kindbody works, including how the benefits coordinate with your medical plan, review the Kindbody member guide.

If you have questions, need help or just want to learn more about what’s available, email Kindbody at employeebenefits@kindbody.com or call 844-956-1655.

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Kinside child care service

If you’re searching for child care, after-school programs, or camps for kids 12 and under, you have access to Rivian’s child care concierge service, Kinside. They are here to help match you with services that align with your needs, location and budget.

Kinside offers:

  • Fully vetted, licensed facilities with high safety ratings
  • Discounts for nanny services
  • The ability to pay for child care with your pretax Dependent Care FSA using the Kinside app
  • Extended hours care
  • Access to programs that cater to special needs or offer transportation options
  • Negotiated tuition rates and waived fees at some of the top brands in child care

All caregivers for Rivian employees are eligible to use the Kinside services: parents, partners, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors—whoever is coordinating care for your dependents.

Connect by email (concierge@kinside.com) or Slack (#ext-ask-kinside_childcare). Visit Kinside to learn more.

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Working late in Normal?

Kinside has a list of caregivers available during extended hours.

See the list

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Cleo support for working families

As part of the Rivian team, your wellness matters every day, at work and at home with your family. That’s why Rivian offers additional family support through Cleo at no cost to you.

Cleo pairs you with a personal guide to help support your parenting journey. Through the app, you can connect 1:1 with certified experts who can help with your unique needs, answer questions, and guide you to relevant resources.

What’s included

The services provided by Cleo include:

  • Cleo baby: Fertility optimization, prenatal mental health and NICU concierge
  • Cleo kids: Caregiver mental health, neurodiversity and a child care enrichment concierge
  • Cleo teens: College and future planning, neurodiversity and mental health
  • Cleo adult care: Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s support, long-term-care planning, home care, senior housing support and mental health

For a detailed list of support services, read the Cleo brochure.

Get started

  1. Download the Cleo for Families app.
  2. Enroll using your Rivian email address to verify your eligibility.
  3. Work 1:1 with your own Cleo Guide, a trained and certified expert who can provide the parenting support and advice you need.

More details are available in the Guidepost article.

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Modern Health coaching and support

Kids can be a handful, and the stresses and demands of parenting can take a toll on you. Your Modern Health benefits can help, with 1:1 coaching, support groups and online resources. 

Learn more about Modern Health.

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Milk Stork breast milk transportation

Milk Stork is a breast milk delivery service for lactating individuals traveling on Rivian business. The service provides no-fuss, refrigerated, express shipping or easy toting of breast milk to your baby.

Here's how to use Milk Stork:

  • Pump according to your regular nursing schedule and refrigerate the milk.
  • Activate the cooling unit in the Milk Stork cooler. Then, pack your refrigerated breast milk.
  • Schedule a FedEx pickup for express delivery. Or carry your cooler of milk home with you in the Milk Stork tote.

To learn more or schedule service, check out this video, visit Milk Stork or call 510-356-0221.

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