Benefits Open Enrollment for 2024 is now closed. The benefits you elected during Open Enrollment will be effective beginning January 1, 2024.

You cannot change your benefits during the year unless you have a qualifying life event.

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If you’ve just joined Rivian, remember to complete your enrollment for 2023 first, and then enroll again for 2024.

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Health plan changes for 2024

Rivian is committed to offering comprehensive, affordable benefits for you and your family. Based on your survey feedback, we’ve made some changes for 2024 to help control rising healthcare costs for both you and the company. Read on for more information.

The changes are outlined below. Before you enroll, you can also review these resources to help you decide which plan is right for you in 2024:

Blue Shield PPO plan changes

Blue Shield HSA plan changes

Kaiser plan changes

No medical opt-out credit

Updated employee contributions

What’s staying the same

There are no changes for 2024 in the coverage provided by the dental, vision, life insurance, disability, accident insurance and critical illness insurance plans. (Your contributions for dental and vision coverage are increasing.)

2024 limits for HSAs and FSAs

Contribute to your HSA

Choose your FSA contributions

How to save money with a Health Savings Account (HSA)

A Health Savings Account (HSA) can help you save money to cover your health care needs today and well into the future. Consider these advantages of an HSA:

  • Triple tax savings: You pay no federal taxes on contributions, interest earned, or withdrawals for eligible expenses. (If you live in California or New Jersey, you will owe state tax on contributions and earnings.)
  • A contribution from Rivian: Depending on the medical plan you enroll in and who you cover, Rivian will put money in your HSA: $250–$750 with employee-only coverage, or $650–$1,800 if you also cover dependents.
  • The money is always yours: Unused funds roll over from year to year, and you can take all the money in your HSA with you if you leave Rivian.
  • Invest your HSA funds: When you have more than $1,000 in your account, you can invest your balance to help grow your savings—with no federal tax on earnings.
  • Flex the way you save—and spend: You can start, stop or change your HSA contribution at any time. And you can choose to use your funds for current health care expenses, or grow your account balance to use in the future—even in retirement.

Learn more 

These articles from HealthEquity are a great way to learn about HSAs and decide if an HSA is right for you.

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Get expert help choosing the right health plans

Choosing the medical, dental and vision plans that are best for you may come down to a few broad questions, like how much you expect to use your plan, and whether you prefer to pay less for coverage from each paycheck or pay less when you get health care services

But like so many decisions, the real value may be in looking at the details that are specific to you. Do you have a chronic condition that requires ongoing care? Do you regularly use prescription drugs that can be expensive? Are you planning to have a baby or need a surgical procedure next year?

To see how the Blue Shield, Delta Dental, EyeMed and VSP plans stack up, talk to the experts at Collective Health. You—or your spouse or domestic partner—can tell your Collective Health member advocate about your personal situation, and they will explain how each plan will cover the needs of your family.

Get in touch with Collective Health through the website, or call a Collective Health member advocate at 844-803-0210. 

For answers to Kaiser questions, call 800-464-4000 (Spanish: 800-788-0616), or visit Kaiser.

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Open Enrollment checklist

Here’s what you need to do between October 23 and November 12:

Prepare to enroll

  1. Use this site to learn about the benefits available to you.
  2. Review your current benefits in Workday and determine how the changes for 2024 will affect you.
  3. Connect with the plan experts for help to understand your medical plan options, learn how the plans work, and decide which is right for you.
    • For Blue Shield questions, visit, or call a Collective Health member advocate at 855-429-6354.
    • For Kaiser questions, call 800-464-4000 (Spanish: 800-788-0616), or visit Kaiser.
  4. Decide which medical plan you want.

Enroll in your benefits

  1. Log in to Workday between October 23 and November 12, 2023, to elect your benefits for 2024.
  2. Confirm or change your default elections for 2024. Workday will show the default plans for you, based on your 2023 elections and the plans available for 2024.
  3. Enroll in an FSA. If you want to participate in a Health Care, Limited Purpose, and/or Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) in 2024, you need to enroll. Your current election will not roll over to 2024.
  4. Set your Health Savings Account (HSA) contribution amount if you’re enrolling in the BSC PPO 1600 HSA plan or BSC PPO 3500 HSA plan. You need to set your 2024 contribution amount—your current election will not roll over to 2024.
  5. Enroll in accident and/or critical illness insurance if you want this additional financial safety net.
  6. Review your life insurance coverage and beneficiaries and make updates as necessary.
  7. Download a copy of your enrollment confirmation for your records.

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Ready to enroll?

Sign up for your 2024 benefits through Workday between October 23 and November 12.

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What happens if you don’t enroll

Here’s what will happen if you do not enroll in your 2024 benefits through Workday between October 23 and November 12.

  • You will not be able to contribute to a Health Care or Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) in 2024. You must reenroll in FSAs every year.
  • Your employee HSA contribution amount will reset to zero. You must enroll in the HSA and choose the amount of your contributions if you are in the BSC PPO HSA 1500 plan or BSC PPO HSA 3500 plan.
  • You will continue to be enrolled in the same dental and vision plans, covering the same dependents but at the new rates.
  • You and your covered dependents will be enrolled automatically in medical coverage—at the new rates—based on your current enrollment:
Your 2023 planYour 2024 plan
BSC PPO 500 planBSC PPO 1000 plan
BSC PPO HSA 1500 planBSC PPO HSA 1600 plan
BSC PPO HSA 3500 planBSC PPO HSA 3500 plan
BSC PPO 6350 plan for internsBSC PPO 6350 plan for interns
Kaiser 500 planKaiser 1000 plan
Waived Rivian medical coverageWaived Rivian medical coverage

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Changes after Open Enrollment

Your 2024 benefit elections can be changed outside of Open Enrollment only if you have a qualifying life event (e.g., birth, adoption, marriage, divorce, loss of coverage) during 2024.

You can make changes to your benefits within 30 days from the effective date of your qualifying life event.

Log in to Workday to make eligible changes. 

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Benefits not included in Open Enrollment

Although you can enroll anytime, this is a good time to consider signing up for these benefits that can help you and your family:

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